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Import And export services to others

For our believes to support the Egyptian economy King company. offers an import and export services by provide our import and export card to clients in preparing of shipment is documents, communicate with suppliers and giving all needed information

King International Shipping

International Shipping Services

King shipping team is distinguished by providing in targeted logistics services that include reducing procedures, saving time and unifying the parties in evolved in the shipment. and that is through the proper selection of the best shipping methods with the lowest cost and the fastest time in a way that suits the size and type of goods.

Customs Clearance Services

King team take care of customs clearance of shipment as soon as it arrives Our customs clearance service is differentiated by the ease of use that is through opening an account for each client to facilitate the procedures’ of c.c Our team is highly experienced of customs rules and terms.

Loading Unloading Service

We prepare the needed equipment’s which match the type of parcels for loading and discharging the shipment to guarantee its arrival to our clients safely without any damage