Import & Export

In order to achieve our vision of supporting the Egyptian economy, AL-King Company has provided import and export services on behalf of others by providing import and export cards and assisting the customer by providing him with all information related to that by preparing documents and communicating with suppliers to ensure the success of the process.

Our ability to provide distinguished services at a high level has increased as a result of our increasing pride and confidence. AL-King Company is distinguished by the best import and export service on behalf of others and customs clearance, which King Company provides par excellence from its excellent package of services in importing and exporting goods to and from any country in the world, including Egypt.

Why King Company for Import and Export Services?

We are distinguished by providing great business service from other companies in which we operate in an open market

The speed and seriousness with which import procedures are carried out

Expand your product range and reach world markets

We can help and support you in making your ambition a reality

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